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  • Smart Digital Control

    Replace analog switch based systems with digital switching using CAN-BUS technology. Easily configure the system without the need for computer software!

  • Fuseless

    With our smart circuit protection technology, programmable circuit protection is built into the hardware, eliminating the need for mechanical circuit protection!

  • Low Voltage

    For 12 volt based applications, this system is intended for a wide range of automotive, marine or other low-voltage system based applications!

  • Simplified Wiring

    Eliminate the complicated and bulky wiring that comes with using bulky and analog switches. Our smart ECM handles many different complications with the tap of a button.

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System Overview

Why Digital Switching?

The Power Of Digital Switching

Digital switching provides an incredible alternative to analog switches and fuses that offers a lot more features and capabilities. What used to require multiple switches and fuses to do can now be accomplished with 1 digital output module and 1 touch screen or switch panel interface. Digital switching systems require less space than mechanical switch and fuse panel assemblies, while offering far more features and functions. With the added benefits of software updates, digital switching systems can be improved over time as new features are introduced, something that is impossible with an analog rocker switch and fuse based system.

Why Choose Our System?

Our system is simple to set up and easy to operate. The interface offers a wide range of customizability in a simple and intuitive interface. Within a matter of seconds, you can create a button to control your accessories.

Built on tried and true CANBUS technology, our products have been tested and proven in many vehicle applications and tough environments.

What Can I Use This For?

Literally all your 12V based accessory needs. Here are some examples:

  1. You have an overlander and would like to add a lightbar, rock lights, fog lights and additional USB phone chargers in the rear for passengers to charge their phones. Our system makes it very easy to add and power these loads. You can add up to 18 buttons on the touch screen. Not that you would need all 18, but if you chose to use an individual switch to control each light, or place all the lights on one switch, it's completely up to you. You wanted to set up individual control of each light and then have a separate light master button, that's possible too. Additionally, you can program the trip current required for each load right from the touch screen, eliminating the need for a fuse for each load. If you wanted to dim your light bar as well. It's all possible!
  2. You have a side-by-side and would like to add a sound bar, RGB lights, rock lights, a light bar, a horn, and rear lights. Again, you can add these accessories with ease. With built-in RGB/RGBW support, you do not need to buy additional hardware to control these lights. Once the DECT system is installed, just wire-in your new accessories, select a button location, set the channel and settings and you're good to go. No fuses, special logic hardware, bulky switches or complex wiring required!
  3. Let's say you have a boat that uses rocker switches and a small fuse panel. All the original buttons are hard to press and the text is faded, so they need to be replaced. You also want to add some accent lighting in the boat, a new NAV/ANC light, a new bilge pump, a new radio and maybe a blower motor. Perhaps the boat never had a livewell tank and you want to add one as well. You could replace the entire rocker switch and fuse system with a DECT control system. Simply wire in all your new loads, name them, and customize their settings. Perhaps you also want your livewell pump to run on a timer. Certainly, it's all possible and now you have advanced digital switching managing your boats electrical system.
  4. Perhaps you have a van you'd like to convert into a camper. Instead of using rocker switches on the wall, you would like a new clean interface to control your lights, water pump, bed lift, electric dump valve and fans. Perhaps you'd also like to use RGB lights to cycle through 3 of your favorite colors. This is something that our system is well suited for and would provide a simple, clean and reliable solution to. Perhaps you want one screen in the front of the van and another screen next to your bed. Our system makes customizations like this easy and possible.
  5. Perhaps you have a off-grid cabin that runs on solar panels and 12V batteries. You would like something beautiful on the wall to switch lights inside and outside the cabin. Our system would offer a clean and elegant switching solution that would mount on the wall. With the flexibility of our system, you could easily add/remove or rearrange lights at will. With the dimming feature, you can easily create the perfect ambiance you desire. Installing another touch screen in the bedroom or multiple locations in the cabin would provide complete control of the cabin from various rooms!

Please Let Us Know

We strive to make the best digital switching system you've owned. We ask for feedback from you that we can use to add features and improvements to our products. We appreciate the feedback you provide.

RGB Control

Our advanced control system boasts out-of-the-box support for both RGB and RGBW lights. Effortlessly add and customize your RGB lights without the need for additional accessories.


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