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The Old Helm Panel

The old buttons have degraded and become hard to press due to the elements. It's time for an update! We also needed to more buttons to control addition lights we want to add to the boat!

Old Wiring and Switches

Thankfully, the wiring access was easy. We can just tap into the existing harness here!

Old Fuse Box

It has served its purpose for a while, but we won't need the old fuse box anymore!

New System Layout

Excited to see the new system coming together! The new layout looks great! We built a box to properly mount the new hardware securely in the boat.

Battery Hookup

Using a pair of battery terminal clamps, we connected the power wires for the new control system.

Let There be Light!

The very first tests were successful and we were very happy with the results. It's so awesome to see the new system in action! The next step is to get the hardware mounted securely and add more lights.